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Our mission is to create safe-sober community and events for young adults

On a Mission to fight urban blight and bless communities through residential and spiritual reclamation. The first vision of this project was unique: purchase an abandoned house in the challenged Frogtown neighborhood of Saint Paul and transform it into a home that serves as a Community Mission Base. Add a Community Garden and you have a natural magnet for outreach, bringing hope to area residents. The project has multiplied to seven properties and five houses. These homes will provide residence for urban missionaries committed to neighborhood transformation. We have daily opportunities in our Urban Mission Training Program for individuals and groups to participate in volunteer work and neighborhood outreach projects. Come on over and visit us!



Young Adult Koinonia is a 501c3 nonprofit organized in 2006 in the State of Minnesota that operates primarily in the Twin Cities. It is a community building organization that establishes and funds safe-sober environments, projects and events for young adults. Its first project was a free coffee shop that ran in Dinkytown for three years called “the Hot Spot.” The vision and success of this groundbreaking effort led other organizations to set up similar safe-sober community activities and events at the University of Minnesota. When others came forward to continue the vision of the community coffee shop, we moved to the Frogtown neighborhood in St. Paul.
The beginning vision for Frogtown was to purchase a foreclosed house in one of the many decaying neighborhoods and transform it into an efficient “green” house, but that was only the beginning. We now have (number of) properties filled with individuals and families associated with Godtown who are dedicated to seeing the neighborhood transformed. Our most recent project was a single mother’s house, housing two families with a total of (number) of children.
All of the the working properties, along with our community garden, become a natural magnet for outreach, bringing hope to area residents. The four-year renovation project and annual community gardens, creates daily opportunities for people in the neighborhood to connect with volunteers and build relationships. It is sustainable project with a holistic community approach.

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